Property Managers

Clarke recognizes that the time of a property manager is at a premium and we understand the unique requirements of the property management profession. We endeavour to provide the appropriate office equipment solutions in a judicious manner for each and every situation- with which we are in involved. Competitive pricing is the start of the Clarke process but MORE important is the ongoing follow up and response of our service and administration teams. “Sales gets them Service keeps them” is an expression that we take very seriously – simply because it is the foundation of our current and future success With over 300 condominium sites – Clarke Office Concepts Ltd. is an established specialist in the Property Management Industry.

We have been a customer of Clarke Office Concepts for over ten years and have always found their service to be excellent. Since 2006, we have been utilizing Kyocera copiers in all of our departments and they have functioned very well. We would not hesitate to recommend Clarke Office Concepts and Kyocera equipment.

Brian A Snyder
Property Managers
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